Elico Foundation

ELICO Foundation is a renewable energy hub for innovation, research, development, incubation and demonstration of appropriate technologies for increased access to clean energy services for socio-economic development of energy deprived communities in Africa.

Our Missions

We establish people-focused energy systems that are sustainable, affordable and resilient by working with front-runners in energy space

We drive sustainable development through innovation in clean technologies, development, demonstration, incubation and research

We improve the livelihoods of the most energy-deprived communities by accelerating access to clean energy technologies, capital, markets and operational advice

We contribute to the development of the sector by disseminating and sharing the lessons we learn.

Our Vision

To be the leader in renewable energy application, knowledge and demonstration in Africa.

Our Values

Community centered

We care about communities and contribute to their wellbeing and we serve their needs in a professional way


We do the right thing in a reliable way with fairness to all because we respect and value our stakeholders. We always maintaining a high level of personal integrity


we devote to and vigorously support African countries and their people to move out of energy poverty.


We are accountable and transparent in all our dealings


We continuously learn from our experiences and those of others in order to improve our practices


we promote the use of appropriate solutions consistent with the circumstances of our clients and their markets


Who we Are

Founded, as Energy and Livelihoods for Communities (E-LICO) Foundation is a non-profit organization established with the main goal of accelerating access to modern energy solutions for socio-economic development of rural Africa

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Our Latest Projects

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